Let Him Handle The Rest

Allah is capable of everything, we all know that. Yet, when He tests us, when hardship befalls us, why do we hesitate to leave everything in His affairs? We humans err, we cannot be relied upon, we sin, we are flawed when it comes to perfection. We cannot trust ourselves when it comes to doing something we cannot do. But Allah is not. Allah knows what is, what was and what will be. We always go to sleep in the confidence that if Allah wills, the sun will rise tomorrow and we’ll wake up. That’s trust. We trust Him enough for that, then why not completely place it upon Him, the One who can make the sun rise and replace darkness with light. Why not do our best and leave the rest to Him? That is what is called Tawakkul. Completely and blindly trusting Allah.
Know that whatever you do, only Qadr Allah will happen.

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